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The Nucleotide Walk Graph: a visualization technique that create a nucleotide sequence portrait

on Sun, 10/09/2016 - 16:37

This article introduces the the nucleotide walk graph, a simple visualization technique that create a portrait of a nucleotide sequence, useful for visually analyze DNA sequence patterns, facilitate comparison, and identify changes over time or between strains of the same gene from different places .

Makeover Monday: America's Biggest Bandwidth Hogs

on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 06:08

Makeover Monday: America's Biggest Bandwidth Hogs. This blog post is devoted to a makeover of a donut chart and creating an effective and visually compelling chart.

Preparing Child Mortality Data Set for Analysis and Visualization

on Sun, 12/27/2015 - 20:06

This post illustrates the case study of data preparation of the data set of child mortality estimates for analysis and visualization using Alteryx and Tableau.

Data Preparation for Assessing the Trends of Premature Mortality from Noncommunicable Diseases

on Thu, 10/15/2015 - 02:05

My talk about how to prepare data for analysis and visualization on the webinar Tableau Zen Masters - Preparing Your Data For The Tableau Conference 2015 on October 13th, 2015

Venn Diagram of 7 color sets

on Sat, 09/01/2012 - 14:35

This interactive visualization of 7 sets Venn Diagram was created by Santiago Ortiz. It is his own version of the 7-Way Venn which was referenced by Information is Beautiful and pinterest of David MacCandless and Orthocuban.

Inspired by the Newton's theories on lights and color spectrum,  Santiago Ortiz decided to use colors rather than numbers or letters to identify each basic set. He created an interactive and isomorphic version of the original 7 Venn Diagram, meaning that the same topology was kept and the surface areas were balanced, so each piece has a similar visual importance.