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Visualizing the Global Distribution of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus

on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 21:19

This blog post visualizes the global geographic distribution of currently known unique occurrences of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus, two mosquitoes species that are vector of several important arbovirus: dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya viruses.

Travel associated cases of Chikungunya in the United States

on Wed, 07/02/2014 - 06:05

Imported cases of Chikungunya in continental United States: As of December 16th 2014, 2,010 imported cases of Chikungunya have been reported in the continental US. 47 States have reported travel associated cases. Florida, one of the States with the higher number of imported cases, has also reported 11 locally-transmitted cases.