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Which Percentage of People Is Older and Younger Than You

on Sun, 05/15/2016 - 02:40

On Tuesday May 10th 2016, Nathan Yau created and published chart that allows us to learn the percentage of people older and younger than a person from the U.S. given his/her age, based on the 5-year American Community Survey estimates from 2014.

I found the chart informative, and I wanted to replicate it but in a way that helps people from every country to answer that question.

I started by downloading estimates of population (by sex and both sexes combined), interpolated by single years of age and single calendar years, by major area, region and country, annually for 1950 to 2100 (medium-fertility projection variant) from the World Population Prospects, Edition 2015. 

After figuring out the math behind the chart, I created this visualization in Tableau. Note that you are able to select your country, sex and year of population estimates. Hover over the chart to get detailed information about population proportions by specific age. 

I hope you find it informative I do.

Thank you so much Nathan Yau for creating the original version of Older/Younger chart.   



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