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Visual, Digital Arts and Programing

on Sat, 09/15/2012 - 18:56

Ablaze Color 1

Patrick Gunderson, an artist who specializes in pixels "digital arts", has created Ablaze.js, a JavaScript port for the original flash application that creates unique digital art images based on a computer algorithm. 

Arrange a number of points with initial parameters x, y, speen, direction and assign a random speed and direction to each. After each iteration of movement, analyze the distances between each point. If 2 points are within a certain distance of each other, draw a line between them.
Ablaze is a perfect combination of visual arts, digital design and computer programming. It is very nice and fun to play around and look at Ablaze, both while it's working and when it's finished.  Each image it draws is unique. 
You can play around with Ablaze.js app and create your own visual art.

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