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Under-five mortality dashboard

on Sat, 09/29/2012 - 03:11
The United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN-IGME) updates child mortality estimates annually for monitoring progress. The report "Levels and Trends in Child Mortality" presents the UN-IGME’s latest estimates of under-five, infant and neonatal mortality and assesses progress towards MDG 4 at the country, regional and global lvels.
This Under-five mortality dashboard, created by UNICEF as information product from the initiative Committing to Child Survival: A promise Renewed, visualizes the UN_IGME's estimates of child mortality, child leading causes of death and income per person (GDP/Capit, PPP$ infation-adjusted) in an innovative way that allows users to explore and track the situation and trend about under-five child mortality.
Select countries and view statistics related to learn more about the declining rates of child mortality worldwide and see its progress toward the 2015 target .
  • What are the leading causes of child deaths in different countries around the world?
  • Which countries have reduced child mortality the most over the past 40 years?
Explore these and other questions in the new interactive under-five mortality dashboard. It uses rich maps, bubble graphs, and other visualizations to bring the data to life.

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