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Reading for Health Analysis

Health Analysis and Statistics

Significance Magazine

Significance statistics making sense
Nature Methods: Points of Significance - Points of Significance is a series of short articles about statistics and data analysis methods


Analytical Tools for Public Health:

Public Health



Equity in Health 

Health Informatics


Ebola Articles and Resources


Noncommunicable Diseases resources

Life Course and Ageing

  • Ben-Shlomo Y, Kuh D. A life course approach to chronic disease epidemiology: conceptual models, empirical challenges and interdisciplinary perspectives. Int J of Epidemiology. Volume 31, Issue 2, 1 April 2002, Pages 285–293. 

WHO Health Statistics and Information Systems

Economics and Health

  • The Economics of Health - Oxford University Press. This online collection of articles, books and reference works brings together a range of publishing that provides the latest research on many health-economics issues.

Lessons and advices to publish

Opportunities for Publishing and Sharing Works with Peers