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Electric City 2012: How people travel?

on Mon, 12/31/2012 - 00:28

The Guardian published a very interesting article Electric City 2012: graphic highlights from LSE's conference on the urban age highlighting some data visualizations on display at the 2012 LSE Cities conference. This conference explored how urban societies across the world are adapting to and embracing technological innovation and environmental change.

Among many other data visualizations, the chart below, a pie/donut chart, was one of the chart featured in the LSE's conference. All people in contact with data visualizations these days are aware of the criticisms to use pie chart to display data and Andy Kriebel from VizWiz Data Visualization Done Right launched a VizWiz Contest with the goal of redesign this visualization.

With a little bit of time today December 30th 2012, I took on the challenge to redesign it. I did the makeover of the pie/donut chart using Tableau Public and I decided to use stacked bars by city, breaking down the travel mode and method. See my proposal bellow. 

This is an aceptable way of visualizing the data which avoid the problems of pie charts but it is not the best one. Because of the hierarchical relationship between the dimensions of mode and method of travel, I think the best choice to represent the data would be a Tree map chart. Tableau version 8 will allows me to visualize these data in a Tree map in the near future in minutes or seconds.

Your comments and recommendations are welcome.

Happy New Year!!

Best, Ramon


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