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Alteryx (Data Preparation and Advanced Analytic Platform)

  • Process for getting started with Alteryx
  1. Download Alteryx Project Edition – it’s Free (5-10 mins required). Alteryx Project Edition provides a free, fully working copy of the software. You can build and run as many processes as you like, as often as you like, viewing the results within the tool, and once you’ve got the data as you want it you can also export the results to any number of different formats. | The Information Lab
  2. Start with the Video (10 – 15 mins required) or Tutorials (30 mins needed) | Alteryx on YouTube
  3. Tableau users – download the Visual Analytics Toolkit and work through the samples (30 mins needed)
  4. Build out the first data process. Some support resources: i) On Demand Videos from Alteryx; ii) Alteryx Community (forums, knowledgebase, ideas); iii) Product Training; iv) Daily Demos (free daily live tutorials)

Alteryx and Tableau

Blogs about Alteryx