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Makeover Monday: America's Biggest Bandwidth Hogs

on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 06:08

This week Makeover Monday challenge (February 22, 2016) was devoted to improve a donut chart included in the article Netflix and YouTube are America's biggest bandwidth hogs published in Business Insider. The data actually is very small, including only nine data points. It looks a simple makeover because there are a lot of well known critics and solutions to pie and donut charts, but there are always challenges as any data analyst and visualizer want to be creative providing a effective solutions.

After playing around with the data and testing different visual forms, I finally came creating two charts: a classical bar chart, and a waterfall chart. I like most the waterfall chart because it is more informative, less boring, and more beautiful than the bar chart. What do you prefer the most?  

Take a look at both makeover charts in story point below.    

I hope you enjoy it as I did playing with the data and creating it.

As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.



Arshad's picture

Dear Sir Ramon

Really I learn and get inspiration from your work. While playing with makeover I tried following formula to determine the size of Gantt Bar "SUM([% of Peak Period])*-1" rather your formula of "Start" - IIF(INDEX()=1,0,LOOKUP(SUM([% of Peak Period]),-1)+PREVIOUS_VALUE(0)).

Giving the same result.


martiner's picture

Dear Arshad,

Thank you so much.


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